Artisan Bread

Posted on October 1st, 2010 by Bread making machines in Bread Making Resources

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To best understand how Artisan Bread differs from those prepackaged and purchased in the grocery store, it is important to focus on what makes Artisan Bread stand out.  As the name would suggest, Artisan Bread is bread that has been created (artistically) instead of produced on a mass-level.  With a focus on using only the freshest and finest in basic bread making ingredients, Artisan Bread can easily be distinguished from the mass-produced loaves of preservative laden loaves in your grocery store.

Hand Crafted
Like the majority of artwork, Artisan Bread is hand-crafted; one loaf at a time.  Each ingredient for each loaf of bread is meticulously measured out to ensure that only the finest in quality ingredients is used for crafting the bread.

Often hand kneaded, formed, and baked in trays one loaf at a time, the care and attention to the details of every single loaf is part of what distinguishes Artisan Bread apart from its mass-produced counterparts.

Artisan Bread - bread making machineBack To Basics, No Chemicals
While great strides have been made by bread manufacturers to improve the nutritional value of their breads, the fact remains that they need to include chemicals and preservatives in order to ensure their bread can last on the shelf for at least two weeks.                                                Creative Commons License photo credit: Francis Storr

Artisan Bread provides a focus on using the best ingredients to result in a bread that has a perfect texture, flavor, and is meant to be consumed within a few days – thereby eliminating the need to include chemicals and preservatives.

Although Artisan Bread does have a much shorter shelf life than the store-bought mass produced breads, the loaves are generally smaller and baked with the idea that they are to be enjoyed in two or three meals throughout the day.  Perhaps toast in the morning, sandwiches for lunch, and the remaining bread used to accompany a light dinner.

Leftover bread can be seasoned and toasted in the oven to make croutons to top off a dinner salad, or even used as part of the base of a hearty bread pudding.  The idea behind Artisan Breads is that they are meant to be enjoyed in full, every day, at every meal.

Rich And Complex Flavors
With the exclusion of chemicals and preservatives from Artisan Bread, the natural ingredients used in the bread are allowed to develop into rich and complex flavors that are sure to delight your taste buds.  By starting with a basic bread recipe, a baker is able to add just about any ingredient to his dough to create unique and individualized flavors that are chemical free, preservative free, and flavor full!

Just about every type of cheese can be baked into or onto a loaf of bread.  With the wide variety of cheeses available to an experimental baker, there is a near endless number of Artisan Breads that can be created.  From a sharp cheddar cheese to a rich asiago cheese, and even a blue cheese, cheese is perhaps one of the most versatile ingredients that an Artisan Bread baker has at his fingertips!

Onions, Tomatoes, Peppers, Fruit, & More
Caramelized and dried, the additional flavors that a simple sprinkling of sun-dried tomatoes can bring to an Artisan Bread are mouthwatering.  By taking stock of the most basic and natural ingredients around him, a creative baker will be able to develop breads that are full of flavor and nutrition!

Artisan Bread is the perfect addition to any family meal or dinner party; an attractive and delicious loaf of bread as the centerpiece of your meal is an excellent way of going back to the basics of bread – without the inclusion of preservatives and untold amounts of chemicals!

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