Black & Decker B2250 Breadmaker

Posted on December 22nd, 2010 by Bread making machines in Bread Bites

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Black & Decker All-In-One Automatic Bread Making Machine

  • Automatic bread making machine cooks 1-1/2- to 2-pound loaves
  • Very control friendly, included digital display, 10 menu items
  • Cool to touch housing, 13 hour timing delay
  • Includes non stick bread pan,  cup and measuring spoon
  • Measurements: 18-3 / 5 by 12-2/5 14-4/5 inches
  • This Bread making machines has 3 crust settings, helping to improve the texture of bread.  It automatically controls the temperature, the kneading, and the baking times.  Just think, you can enjoy freshly baked bread without all the work.

    List Price: $ 99.99

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    One Comment on “Black & Decker B2250 Breadmaker”

    1. John C. Hanson

      My initial research for this bread maker turned up both negative reviews and positive reviews. There appeared to be a tendency for newbies to have great successes and experienced users to fail horribly . I am not sure why.

      I am new to bread making and I bought this bread machine on sale at a retail outlet for under $60. The price was great and it was the only one in the store. I knew I could return it if I wasn’t happy. I purchased it mainly to help with my diet. I wanted to eat healthier food. I could not find many good tasting breads in stores that was also good for my blood sugars (I’m diabetic). There probably isn’t one. I have found that all recipes have some flour or the equivalant.

      I have made several loaves with this machine without a flaw. I made the plain white bread on medium and the Oatmeal Raisin bread on light. Both came out perfect! Here are some of the positives and negatives:

      + does not burn. Bread was perfect.
      + doesnt stick. Very easy to clean.
      + LCD is visible
      + beeps very loudly
      + sturdy paddle.

      - small recipe book.
      - buttons are hard to read
      - buttons seem backward from manual descriptions
      - cover doesn’t come off.
      - the bin is vertical.

      I’m pleased so far though.

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