Bromated Flour

Posted on March 10th, 2011 by Bread making machines in Bread Making Resources

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Are you using Bromated flour? Bromated flour is flour enriched with a maturing agent Potassium Bromate.  Professional bakers tend to use this flour more due to the doughs improved elasticity.

What most probably do not know is that Potassium bromate is really classified as a possible carcinogen.  It can be harmful if consumed.  Potassium bromate is supposed to bake completely out of your bread as it cooks but it probably does not.  Assuming that only a portion/residue remained after baking, it would be
floured - bread making machinesenough for this to still be harmful over time.

In certain countries Bromated flour has been banned.  In the U.S it is still legal. Many flour mills and bakeries pride themselves on the use non-Bromated flour. Anyone concerned about Bromated flour should be actively seeking out non bromated flour companies prior to their next purchase. Creative Commons License photo credit: Joelk75

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