Cuisinart Convection Bread Maker CBK-200

Posted on October 25th, 2010 by Bread making machines in Bread Maker Reviews

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One look at the Cuisinart CBK-200 2 lbs. Convection Automatic Bread Maker and you know that this is a piece of sophisticated engineering.  Cuisinart is a brand that has always been known for quality as well as elegance, and your Cuisinart bread making machine will look great on your kitchen counter.Cuisinart Convection Bread Maker 2lbs.

What It Does

The CBK-200 automates the baking process as much as possible, and all you need to do is touch a few simple controls to get started.  The baking speed and temperatures are perfectly balanced, and air circulation is regulated to make sure your bread is always light and fluffy.  Special menu presets allow for a one-touch selection of Artisan Dough, Gluten Free and Low Carb loaves.  This is a great bread maker for someone who has no previous experience in bread making.  Everything is so simple it’s next to impossible to go wrong, even with the most complex of bread recipes.  However, this does not mean that the high level of automation takes away from the quality or number of options available for the experimental or adventurous. On the contrary, you can easily tailor recipes to your own liking.


Among the many advanced features of this machine are:

  • Perfectly matched speed and temperature timing to produce the lightest and fluffiest loaves
  • 16 preset menu options that allow for one-touch start
  • A special Artisan Dough function, produces thicker crusts and chewier textures
  • An audible tone tells you when it’s time to add nuts, fruits and other ingredients to the mix
  • Another tone offers the option of removing the paddles before the baking starts, or gives you the opportunity to hand-shape the dough before baking
  • A power failure backup protects you from power outages
  • You can program the machine for optimal timing, so you can have freshly baked bread just when you want it

In addition, the Cuisinart CBK-200 2 lbs. Convection Automatic Bread Making Machines provide for three different loaf sizes and three different crust colors.  You can also use them for baking cakes or making jam.

What It Offers You
The only thing that the Cuisinart CBK-200 2 lbs. Convection Automatic Bread Maker may be lacking is, some of the less frequently used features found on other high end bread making machines.  Features such as the automatic addition of yeast or the automatic addition of fruits and nuts. Not to worry though.  Those are small shortcomings in light of what the machine does offer – exceptional ease of use, a huge variety of bread types, baking of cakes and cooking of jams, and a power back up so that you will never come home to find a power outage has ruined your bread.  Most of all, what it offers is perfect bread that everyone will love.  For a family that likes its bread fresh and tasty, this is a great choice.  For someone who likes to make bread, the options and possibilities to experiment mean that the process itself is always fun and enjoyable.

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8 Comments on “Cuisinart Convection Bread Maker CBK-200”

  1. Anita

    I bought my machine about 9 months ago. So far so good. I like to experiment and I’ve made a number of different types of bread. I find that for the most part they come out well. The one problem that I did have is with my bread pan. There is a bit of a problem with it staying in place. I think that it may be one of the little grasps. It doesn’t hold the pan securely. Because of the this I find that the bread pan moves around quite a bit. On occasion it has also come off the base. I eventually decided to contact Cuisinart. I figured why not since it is still under warranty. To my surprise, they sent me a new machine. Free! Now I am in business as my new machine works just great. The only thing that I had to pay what ten bucks for shipping. Not a bad deal.

  2. Samantha Larry

    I was really looking forward to using this bread machine a lot. I have been using bread makers for a long time and I have had at least two other brands. I encountered several problems wtith this purchase. First it burned my bread a little, Yes it burns the crust on MED; Second, I made 4 loves, yes four loaves of bread and they were awful. I. followed the recipe to the T. Not sure what was going on there.

    I gave up, mine is going back. I need a machine that works every time. I dont know, could just be that I got a lemon.

  3. mrs J

    Let me say, this is the BEST bread machine that I have ever owned. Love it. NO FLAWS that I can see. This is a great machine and baking really is very easy. This is the best best bread maker on the market by far.

  4. Joe and Patricia D.

    This was our first bread making machine. We made our first loaf of white bread last night. It was very simple and yielded a perfect loaf of bread simply by following the basic recipe in the accompanying book. The unit is attractive, easy to cleaned, and almost all parts and surfaces are metal – love it . The outside of the machine stayed pretty cool when baking (cooler than expected), this gave us more options on where to place it for 3 hours. While it is not a small “small appliance”, it does fit on our countertop easily. We’re impressed with this great product and reasonable price.

  5. Sonia S

    I just bought the Cuisinart Bread Maker…It is everything I wanted, I wasnt surprised… this is an outstanding bread machine. Most of my small appliances, Cuisinart all the way, I have been more than than happy with all of them.

  6. Doris

    First let me say that I have spent hours reading the reviews on the Breadman, Cuisinart, and the Zojirushi bread machines. In the early phases of my research I did find a bit of negativity and it made me hesitant however this product seemed to offer what i was looking for. More specifically I wanted a bread making machine with 1) the horizontal loaf capabilities 2) a pause feature 3) backup – power failure and 4) a low carbohydrate cycle.

    After all my worries I’ve found that this bread maker is great. I was so excite when I discover that I was able to remove the paddles avoiding the holes normally found in bread machine bread. With the various bread making machines on the market, Cuisinart had to present a quality product to get me, they did. As for the Low Carb recipes provided by Cuisinart, they didn’t meet my definition of low carb and I ended up purchasing a recipe book. I picked up Dana Carpender’s 500 Low Carb Recipes. The Honey Oat recipes are awesome. Believe it or not but I also use the Jam setting on this machine. Mainly it is for the sugar-free jams that we use. I must admit, the first time I tried it, it was a disaster in terms of the cleanup. I got smarter the second time around covering the pan with a silicone pad. Just remember to use something that is able to withstand high temps. It comes out great! I have used this bread maker quite frequently, zero failures at this point.

    I’m look forward to experimenting, I am thinking Pumpernickel bread, Whole Wheat low carb bread. Eventually I want to try the artisan bread cycles. I would rate this bread making machine with a full five stars. No awkward noises, burned bread… virtually trouble free.

  7. Bill P.

    I ordered this breadmaker for my wife. She makes use of it at least three days a week. So far our experience has been great. She likes making pesto parmesan and honey oat bread. And let me tell you, every loaf has been absolutely delicious. This bread making machine – which makes some large 2-pound loaves, is great!

    Let me also add that if you buy one of these machines, you may never need an additional air freshener. I love the aroma of baking bread!

    I selected the Cuisinart CBK-200 because I’ve owned quite a few in the past. I have always been exceedingly impressed with all of them. It’s a firmly manufactured piece, wieghty, and good-looking resting on the counter. After looking at so many of the other breadmakers in local stores, I got the impression of plasticky engineering, and envisioned them lasting an amount of time not worth the $50 or $60-something bucks they were asking. I also envisioned smaller loaves, noisy breadmakers which shifted around on the counter. I admit this is all speculation, but these are genuine considerations we all have, and we speculate because we want to make the best choice we can. In the end, I feel very happy with the choice I made, and more importantly, my wife is delighted with it.

    My wife loves cooking with this bread making machine and bakes three or four loaves a week.

    For the price, which was just over $100 at the time of my purchase, my wife and I are pleased with what we’ve gotten back. We’re both convinced that the convection oven feature of the machine only adds to the thoroughness of the baking. The crusts come out precisely how you want them to, and I believe me that is important. Your bread comes out tasty.

    All and all, we’re very satisfied with our purchase. The Cuisinart CBK-200 may be $40 or so more than the standard bread making machine, but with that investment, you get the satisfaction knowing that your money was well spent.

  8. Derrick Adams

    This bread making machine is without a doubt one of the most unattractive appliances I own, but it produces the finest quality of baked bread I have ever known.

    With over 10 years of experience with bread makers, and having owned Panasonic and Sunbeam equipment, I can report that the Cuisinart beats them all easily. It does require just a little supervision though to ensure that the dough mixes properly – a scooping of any flour in the corners of the container early on in the mixing cycle is all that is needed. The rising and baking programs are perfectly timed.

    While it is possible that some people have had negative experiences with this bread machine, I also know from experience that many buyers expect these machines to be completely (hands off) and perfectly silent (this machine is about only about average in this regard – the Panasonic is a stealth machine). Purchase one of these machines, take the time to understand the manual, measure carefully, and prepare for wonderful fresh baked bread.

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