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Posted on January 15th, 2011 by Bread making machines in Bread Making Tips

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Considering dough enhancers for use in your next loaf of bread but not sure which one? Read on. Professional bakers have been using dough enhancers such as Ascorbic acid, Lecithin and Malt Powder for a long time. Enhancers are the additional ingredients used to help your loaf rise higher. There is no reason why you couldn't use the same dough enhancers as the professionals when baking.

If you are already producing great loaves with your bread maker, you will be amazed with respect to the results obtained by adding a dough enhancer.

Lecithin - Often used in professional bakeries, lecithin is simply a soybean oil that contributes to a better mixing of your bread batter. Yielding a softer texture and higher rising bread without added fat, it is great for making and whole grain breads. You can find lecithin in health food stores.  It comes in both liquid and granule forms.  When using the liquid form, replace half the oil or butter in your recipe with it as it is concentrated.

Malt Powder -  roasted, dried and ground sprouted barley.  Malt powder helps to improve the texture of your bread,Malthouse cottage loaf
it breaks down the starches in your flour and it is also used as food by your yeast.  Try not to use no more than a half of a teaspoon per each 1.5 pound loaf.  I use malt powder when baking whole wheat, french or white breads with my bread making machine.

Ascorbic Acid - Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is a great volume enhancer.  It is known to improve/strengthen weak flours by altering it's pH.  Add one large pinch for every three cups of flour.  If your recipe already contains a few acid ingredients then adding ascorbic acid is not recommended.  Your mix would be too acidic.                                                                                       Creative Commons License photo credit: treehouse1977

Lets put your bread making machine to use tonight!

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Breadman TR2700 Stainless-Steel Bread Maker

  • Stainless-steel breadmaker bakes horizontal loaves...1-, 1-1/2-, and 2-pound
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  • Automatic fruit/nut dispenser
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The Breadman Bread making machine is more than just a Bread Maker. It will help you create your own healthier world. The Breadman will give you and your family an endless, delicious variety of fresh breads.

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