Easter Bread

Posted on March 6th, 2011 by Bread making machines in Bread Making Resources

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So what exactly is Easter bread?  It is a braided bread, incorporating eggs within the braids.  Easter bread as a tradition is usually made forming a ring.  Eggs are usually dyed using festive holiday colors.  Similar to Challah bread, Easter bread is fluffy and rich.Easter bread - bread making machines

Of a Greek origin, Grecian families have been preparing Easter bread during the Easter celebrations for hundreds of years.  As a symbol of the blood of Christ and His rebirth, the eggs are colored red.  In the U.S. eggs are often colored using pastel colors.

The baking of Easter bread begins with its preparation, your best egg or milk bread recipe.  The bread is allowed to rise once and then it is punched down and equally divided into several pieces.  These pieces are then rolled out into strands.  These strands are used for braiding the bread in to a ring.  As a final step, eggs are stuffed in to the pockets of the braided ring.        Creative Commons License photo credit: Zeusandhera

You will find that many people use raw eggs for their Easter bread.  The eggs are baked right along with the bread.  Due to the risk of eggshell salmonella you just have to make sure that your eggs are washed before adding them to your bread braid.

Easter bread is easy to make at home.  Bread making machines can be used to prepare your dough.

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