Epi Bread

Posted on March 5th, 2011 by Bread making machines in Bread Making Resources

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You might remember a previous post on Artisan bread.  Epi bread is also artisan bread.  Often made in French bakeries it is bread or a series of rolls connected in manner which gives it the appearance of wheat or a stalk of wheat.  Epi bread is for the most part relatively easy to make at home and it is also great picnicking bread.Wheat - bread making machines

Epi in French is used to describe the wheat stalk.  Pain in French pronounced “pan” translates to bread.  In many French bakeries you will find Epi bread listed as Pain Epi.

As artisan bread, Epi bread is common, classic and very easy to make.  Baguette dough is commonly used when it is produced by a baker.  Baguette dough is great for creating bread with a wonderful crust and a creamy, airy crumb inside.  When you are looking to save time, bread making machines can be used to make your dough.                              Creative Commons License photo credit: Julien Haler

Packed with a picnic lunch, Epic bread can be placed out with spreads cheese etc…  It is generally used in much the same way baguettes are.

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