Focaccia Bread

Posted on August 17th, 2010 by Bread making machines in Bread Making Resources

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focaccia - is nice

Focaccia bread is an oven baked Italian bread, seasoned with rosemary, olive oil and cheese.  The dough texture is similar to that of pizza.  It is typically pressed out by hand into a thick flat pan of bread.  Olive oil is sprinkled or brushed over it.  Herbs and sometimes cheese are lightly added sparsely as a topping.

Focaccia bread is an American (English) term.  The word Focaccia is derived from the Latin “focus” or fireplace.

There are generally three variations of Focaccia bread:

  1. Classic Focaccia (containing tomatoes and olives)                                                       Creative Commons License photo credit: tz1_1zt
  2. Potato Focaccia (containing potato slices) and
  3. White Focaccia (olive oil and rosemary).

Enjoy your Focaccia Bread!

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