Great Bread With Bread Making Machines

Posted on May 11th, 2011 by Bread making machines in Bread Making Tips

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You can find tons of great bread recipes here at Bread Making Machines Now however in order to bake great bread you need to know your bread machine.  There are a number of great bread makers on the market.  You simply have to find one that provides the features most important to you.  For some people, features such as machines timers are important, for some it is a baked jam feature, for others it is simply an ability to keep your bread warm.  Just find a machine that is not too complicated and offers you the most desirable features.  Once you have found a model that suits your need, you are all set.

The most important thing to remember when baking great bread, following your recipe and your bread making machines manufacturer instructions.  You should'nt be surprised but simple mistakes, adding too much sugar, not enough sugar, too much yeast, adding ingredients in the wrong order etc, can ruin your breads quality.  Worst case scenario, you end up throwing all of your ingredients away.

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Measuring your ingredients accurately is of paramount importance. Although some people are good at measuring ingredients by hand, it isn’t recommended.  For liquid ingredients, consider using a measuring cup.  The more accurate your ingredient’s measurements, the better.
If you should need to remove any liquids from your initially measurement, use a spoon.  Most people try pouring a little out.  This usually results in huge measurement errors.

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When utilizing other ingredients such as butter, consider melting it before measurement.  Many tend to melt butter on an open fire.  Although in small amounts, some of your ingredients do tend to evaporate during this process.

When measuring flour, consider sifting it into a measuring cup.  This helps to avoid the measurement of an ingredient that is too densely packed, throwing off your ingredient ratios.

Adding the simple steps above and following the directions of your bread making machines recipes will help you produce great tasting, fresh bread every time.  We are all in a rush at times, patience when measuring your ingredients goes a long way.  If you are going to bake the best tasting bread possible for your family and friends, don’t forget to slow down and get it right.

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