Great Bread Taste, Whole Grain Nutrition

Posted on August 4th, 2011 by Bread making machines in Bread Making Resources

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Incorporate more whole grains into our diets. Everyone knows the wisdom of adding more whole grains to the diet, especially when it comes to our family. Just one small problem, most kids don’t like the taste of wheat.

If you are a parent there is some good news. Today there are several lines of whole grains breads that tastewhole wheat bread - bread making machines
just like our beloved white breads. There are several varieties created just for those of us who love the texture and taste of white bread, but also want more nutrition in our diets.

Calcium in Your Diet
Bread is an excellent source of folic acid, and calcium. It is also an excellent source of source of fiber, and vitamins and minerals.

Food Pyramid
The USDA’s new food pyramid guidelines release last year recommend that at least 50% of the grains we consume come from whole grains.

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Although white bread sales accounts for almost half of total bread sales in the US, the desire for a healthier lifestyle is causing users to seek alternatives. According to research, 80% of white bread consumers are interested in great tasting bread that has the whole grain nutrition.

There is one great way to obtain great tasting breads that are packed with whole grain nutrition. Bake your own.

There are several affordable bread making machines that can help you with bread making. You just need to make sure that make that you purchase the best machine that you can afford. Think of it as a long term investment.

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