The Health Benefits of Brown Bread

Posted on December 14th, 2010 by Bread making machines in Bread Making Resources

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Are you looking for a much more heart-healthy diet, lifestyle?   If so, then brown bread might just be the change you are looking for, diet wise.   Brown bread is bread that is baked using only whole wheat grains.  Its counterpart, white bread, is baked using bleached flour.  Bleached flour as you may already know, has most of its nutritional value removed from it.  In brown breads, the bran and the germ of the whole wheat is not removed during the refining process.  This helps to preserve the essential vitamins, iron, and other dietary fibers which are passed on to your body.

Brown Bread Consumption - The additional  benefits!

Being Heart Healthy
If you are considering incorporating brown bread into a heart healthy diet remember;  a diet that is high in whole wheat grains has been proven useful in decreasing the occurrence of high blood pressure.   A diet that is rich in whole wheat grains also helps to reduce the occurrence of heart attacks and blood clots.

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Fiber Matters
Without the correct amount of fiber in your diet, you may find yourself experiencing painful constipation.  Instead of over the counter supplements, consider increasing the amount of brown bread in your diet.  Whole wheat grains not only help regulate your digestive system but they also help reduce  your risks of colon cancer.  Finally, by adding more brown bread to your diet, the risks of painful hemorrhoids is reduced.

Losing Inches
Not only will brown bread help you to feel much more satisfied after a meal than white bread will, but brown bread is often significantly lower in calories than its white bread counterparts.   By simply switching your morning toast from a white bread to a brown bread full of whole grains, you actually help to cut calories.

Diabetic Concerns
Studies have shown that the consumption of three or more whole grain servings per day actually helps to reduce the risks of diabetes by as much as 30%!

People who remain heart healthy, consuming significant amounts of whole wheat products, definitely notice marked increases in overall health.  This is in comparison to a noticeable decrease in many serious conditions – including constipation, gallstones, and even obesity.   Consider adding more whole wheat brown breads to your diet, benefit from all that brown breads have to offer!

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    What kind of advice does she need? I will try to post more info on brown bread.

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    Thanks! We should take brown bread daily in the breakfast for good health.

  4. Vikram dhalla

    Thanks! We should take daily in the breakfast for good health.

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    hope it reduce my fat also,
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