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Posted on November 28th, 2010 by Bread making machines in Bread Making Tips

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Question: Is there a way that I can use my bread machine to make bread without the hole in the bottom of the bread from the paddle?
I have a bread machine and it always has a hole in the bottom from the paddle.   Any tips? Thanks!

Currenlty there is no way.  All bread machines leave holes in the bottom of the bread from the paddles.  If you want a loaf without the hole in the bottom then you would have to bake your bread the conventional way, in a regular oven.

Breadman TR520 Programmable Bread Maker

  • Paddle comes attached to electrical cord; detach but keep safe for use with select bread types
  • Programmable breadmaker bakes 1-, 1-1/2-, and 2-pound loaves
  • 3 crust shades; 8 functions for breads and doughs; 13-hour delay timer
  • Fruit-and-nut add-in signal bell; viewing window; nonstick baking pan; removable lid
  • Measures approximately 13-1/2 by 12-1/5 by 13-1/2 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Breadman Horizontal Loaf Breadmaker. Makes a 2 pound horizontal loaf. 1-hour keep-warm cycle. Fast Bake bread in under 1-hour. 13-hour delay timer. Crust color control - Light, Medium, Dark. Viewing window. 8 programs.

List Price: $ 99.99


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3 Comments on “Bread Machine Bread Tips”

  1. Noah

    The bread maker we have has a mix & knead setting on it – (provides time for it to rise.)

    Try mixing your bread all in the machine and then dumping it out into a loaf pan for one last rise and then bake.

    That way there is no paddle hole in the bottom and it looks like a normal loaf of bread.

    If yours doesn’t have the mix & knead setting, you could just pull the dough out after the first rise, put it in a bread pan – let rise again and then bake in the regular oven.

  2. Dune

    No I dont think that is possible.

  3. Heartbeat

    After the final kneading, I quickly take out the dough ball and remove the paddle. There’s no way to get rid of the hole through the center of the bread; that comes from the paddle, so you would need to use your conventional oven.

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