Panasonic Yeast Pro Automatic Bread Maker

Posted on October 20th, 2010 by Bread making machines in Bread Maker Reviews

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The Panasonic Yeast Pro Automatic Bread Maker SD-YD250 - Considering baking your own bread?  With a high quality bread machine, baking your own bread has never been easier.  One bread machine maker that definitely deserves consideration, the Panasonic Yeast Pro Bread Maker.  Panasonic has a long history of producing some of the finest quality bread machines, and the Panasonic Yeast Pro Automatic Bread Maker SD-YD250 is one of the best bread making machines on the market today.

What It Does
The Panasonic Yeast Pro Automatic Bread Maker takes all the labor out of making bread.  It does all the mixing, kneading and baking that is required, with little or no input from you.  All it takes is just a few minutes to put in the ingredients for the type of bread you want, and the machine does the rest.   It couldn’t be easier!   This Panasonic bread maker comes with an excellent recipe book, which includes recipes for dozens of different delicious breads.  Now of course, you can also experiment with your own combinations.

The Panasonic Yeast Pro Automatic Bread Baker is extremely easy to use, even after you’re done baking your bread. Clean-up is a snap, and requires no special tools, cleaning care or procedures.  The aluminum alloy pan comes with a nonstick coating.  When the machine is running it’s so quiet that you hardly even notice it’s on.
One possible negative feature of this machine is the amount of counter space it occupies. The larger size, while it may mean you need to push your toaster off to the side, also means that it’s easier to use.


  • The Panasonic Yeast Pro Automatic Bread Maker SD-YD250 automatically mixes, kneads, and bakes the dough.
  • A yeast dispenser automatically adds yeast at the right stage of the baking process to ensure that each loaf is perfect.
  • It can bake three sizes of loaves, up to 2.5 lbs.
  • A delay timer mean you can set it at night to ensure that you have freshly baked bread for your breakfast.
  • A crust color control feature gives you the ability to produce bread with the exact color and crispness you want.
  • A rapid bake cycle means that a loaf can be baked in less than two hours – a great boon when you suddenly find yourself running short on time.
  • Digital controls make all operations very simple.
  • Safety is ensured with an auto shut-off mode.

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A Wide Choice of Baking Modes
Among the various baking options available are:

  • Basic: for ordinary wheat flour breads.
  • Whole-Wheat: for when you want to get creative and incorporate nuts or dried fruits, or even vegetables into your whole wheat bread.
  • Multigrain: for combining other types of grains and cereals with whole wheat.
  • French: Traditional crispy-crusted bread with a nice texture.
  • Dough: The system gives you five programs for creating hand-formed bread, French bread, baguettes, or rolls.
  • Pizza: dough for pizza or focaccia bread.
  • Raisin Dough Mode: This is the same as ordinary dough mode, but will give you an alert to let you know the appropriate time for adding raisins.

What It Offers You
This bread maker is excellent for making high quality, fresh bread.  It is a reliable powerhouse which allows you to accommodate your entire family’s preferences and tastes.  The range of baking options and different loaf sizes mans that no matter how many people you have at your table, you can always produce the right bread for the occasion.

Be sure to check out or listings for your very own bread making machine.

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7 Comments on “Panasonic Yeast Pro Automatic Bread Maker”

  1. Carol Peters

    This is a great bread machine. I got it for Xmas. It seems to be a good little work horse. I have a large family and we use it almost daily. No problems so far. Not the cheapest model around for a bread maker but I am happy with it.

  2. Kathy

    I just bought this Panasonic Breadmaker. Not only was it delivered quickly but it was the best price on the market. I buy a lot of “stuff” online. My experiences have been good, I can’t complain. Great bread machine!

  3. Erika

    Fantastic bread machine! My bread came out perfect. There is nothing like the wonderful fresh smell of bread baking, with little effort.

  4. Sam

    My original Panasonic machine was defective. I returned it. Exchange went great.
    So far the replacement has performed great..
    I initially bought this bread machine because if its ratings.
    I was a replacement for the Zojirushi that I had.
    Zojirushi has price itself out of the market in my opinion.
    This bread maker is great just a little behind in terms of features.

  5. Kelly D

    I am very content with this Bread making machine.
    I only have one problem.
    During my move to my new house, I lost the nozzle of this machine.
    Can anyone tell me how I can buy the nozzle.
    I want to keep using this bread maker. It is good
    thank you.

  6. Jackie

    This is the fourth bread machine I have owned. I have to say I haven’t had very good luck with the other brands I have owned. After reading tons of review I decided on the Panasonic as a replacement. I could not be more satisfied with my purchase! I have used it 4x a week for two months now. The bread has come out perfect each and every time! I use 1/2 wheat flour with the white flour. Just like eating cake! Its really good! One thing I love about this bread maker is that it is very quiet. I thought I was going to have to get a scale and measure all the ingredients but I decided to just use my regular measuring cups and spoons, every loaf has been perfect. I even used Smart Balance margarine today instead of the regular butter and you could not taste the difference! The bread is soft and delicious! The bread comes out of the bread machines pan so effortlessly and even the small paddle does not stick into the bread similar to my last breadmakers. The loaf looks so perfect – you’d imagine I spent several hours making it on my own. I highly recommend this breadmaker over the more expensive ones. You will not be sorry!

  7. Alex Burgess

    This is our third bread machine. The first was from American Harvest (two-loaf bread maker). It was a real struggle to get our first one to work. When it did the loaves came out remarkably. Shaped like traditional bread loaves thanks to the bread pans (albeit unevenly baked). With that one my wife always had to fool around with the recipes, perform trial-and-error breads, besides the downtime we put up with for repairs. As it turned up we ended up using the bread machine very seldom. In the end when a paddle gave out in one of the pans we agreed enough was enough and purchases a new one. I did quite a bit of research and this Panasonic seemed to have the best reviews.

    We were not disappointed. Our first loaf was a 100% Whole Wheat, made with our own home-milled wheat. We used the recipe from the Panasonic book. We also tested puting the ingredients in the night before and running the timer to the 13 hour limit. The next morning at breakfast we were blessed with fresh-baked Whole Wheat bread and honey.

    This bread making machine works so great and makes such great bread that you can’t keep it coming fast enough. It is exceptionally quiet and the yeast dispenser is I think part of the secret for its precision in breadmaking. If you are thinking of getting a bread machine you can’t go wrong with this one. It is fantastic and so easy to use. Our first machine seemed such a challenge to get to work that I spent very little time helping my wife with the breadmaking (unless it was to repair the machine when it was broke). With this bread machine, we both love to use it.

    Panasonic really takes the trophy for truly great bread making machines!

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