Peasant Bread

Posted on October 5th, 2010 by Bread making machines in Bread Making Resources

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Peasant bread, usually baked using whole wheat flours, rye flours, and other healthy unrefined grains, has its origins in Europe.  A simple bread that is well known for its rounded shape and its course crust, peasant bread is hearty and denser than those made with refined flour.

Peasant bread - bread making machineIn addition to a level of simplicity, peasant breads provide additional health benefits not offered by breads baked using refined flour.  As peasant bread is baked with whole grain flours, it contains vital dietary fibers and nutrients.  In today’s world of processed food, the health benefits of an increased amount of dietary fiber and nutrients cannot be disputed.

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There are many types of peasant breads.  They come from places all around the world. Take Ireland for example, its traditional Irish soda bread is both easy to make and flavorful.  With its use of whole grain flour and simplicity, it can be considered a type of peasant bread.

In Italy, Pane Rustica is the name commonly associated with peasant breads.  With a hard crusty exterior and a soft chewy crumb, Pane Rustica loaves are round and wholesome.
In many types of peasant bread, it is the additional ingredients (sesame seeds, poppy seeds, and pumpernickel seeds) which create slight variations in the bread while adding to the flavor and texture.

Baked to a dense crusty perfection and with whole grain wheat flours, peasant bread is a hearty addition to any meal.  It can be served sliced or torn directly from the loaf.  It can be served with a variety of soups, stews and perhaps even on its own with a selection of rustic cheeses. Consider baking your own. In addition to being a healthy option over bleach refined breads; it is also a budget-friendly option.

Bread making machines are a great way to help prepare healthy, wholesome bread for your family.

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