The Perfect Bread Bin For Your Home

Posted on July 26th, 2011 by Bread making machines in Bread Bites

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Have you ever wondered where the term Bread bin comes from?  It is actually a term, British for a container.  One that can be used to store bread and other baked products.  In the days gone by, you could find bread bins in just about anyone’s kitchen.  They were popular because they are great at keeping your bread warm and reducing moisture.  Much to the surprise of many, bread bins are once again the popular addition to the kitchen.

Are you in the market for a new bread bin?  Just a few notes on the types you are likely to find:bread box - bread making machines now
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Enamel bread bins - These are definitely old fashion but they add a touch of tradition to the kitchen.  At one point in time, enamel bread bins were very common.  They offered a great storage alternative for your baked product.  The more modern enamelware bins produced today are still made with the old designs in mind.   Some of these designs were introduced over 100 years ago.

Stainless steel bread bins are our next option.  They are considered very durable.  They usually come in a brilliant steel finish and can be found in all sizes and shapes.  Many people favor the stainless steel bread bins because they are durable and rust resistant.

Wooden bread bins are next up.  Wooden bread bins have probably been produced for hundreds and hundreds of years.  They are also extremely useful in reducing moisture and protecting your bread from pests.  Depending on your style and taste, these bread bins can be used either in a traditional kitchen or a modern kitchen.

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Think you are ready to choose a bread bin yet?  Just a few more notes:

Before purchasing any bread bin, inspect it to make sure that its cover closes tight.  This will help to prevent the circulation of too much air, thereby drying your bread out too quickly.  It will also serve as protection against most pests.

I know that kitchen space is very limited but if there is a choice of two sizes, choose the larger box.  This will allow for the storage of more bread at once.  This can be especially important if you are one to bake often or one that likes to experiment.

Finally, I like to look for flat top bread bins.  They come in handy when organizing and rearranging the kitchen around.  With a flat top bread box you can always store things on top.  Extra storage space is always welcomed.

A bread bin is a great tool for someone that is a frequent baker.  Just remember, it is an investment and it will help you to keep your bread both safe and fresh longer.

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