Welbilt Bread Machine ABM-6000

Posted on October 21st, 2010 by Bread making machines in Bread Maker Reviews

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Welbilt is an established player in the market, and its products are known for their economy and reliability.  The Welbilt ABM-6000 bread machine is a typical Welbilt product – a good quality machine with a good feature set and reasonable cost.  If you want to produce great bread, and have a machine on your counter that you can rely on for years to come, you can count on Welbilt.

What It Does Vegan No Knead Whole Wheat Bread
This bread maker has only one purpose – to make bread.  There are no options for baking cakes, making jam, or whipping up a meatloaf.  But then again, how many people use their bread makers for anything but making bread?  What you can do with your Welbilt is make 1.5 and 2 pound loaves of excellent, fresh bread exactly the way you want them.  Precisely what you want from your bread maker.

Features                                                           Creative Commons License photo credit: Veganbaking.net

  • The Welbilt bread machine may not have all of the extraneous features of its more expensive counterparts, but it does offer all the functions that you need to make great bread.
  • There are 5 main cooking cycles - basic, rapid, wheat, French, and dough.  While this may not sound like much, the variations give you enough variety to meet almost all of your day-to-day needs and cater to the bread preferences of your entire family.
  • Crust colors can be programmed to light, medium or dark.
  • A 14 hour timer allows you to program the machine to give you freshly baked bread exactly when you need it. Even if you have to be at work all day, fresh bread will be waiting for you when you get home.
  • It’s very quiet in its operation and will run in the background without disturbing you while you go about your other activities, or listen to your favorite television show.
  • There is a “keep warm” function that will keep the bread warm after the baking is complete, in case you do not want to eat it right away.
  • Its large size does take up a lot of counter space, but on the plus side, it makes adding ingredients and taking out the baked bread a hassle-free exercise.

What It Offers You
There are certainly competing units on the shelves with more glitz and glamour than the Welbilt, but this is one that shouldn’t be overlooked.  The Welbilt bread machine is true to its name.   It is a solid, reliable piece of equipment that is designed to provide many years of trouble free service.

If your family wants fresh bread every day, made just the way they like it, then the Welbilt ABM-6000 bread machine is what you need.  It’s so simple to operate, even the kids can use it.  And for those special occasions when you want to make something completely different like fruit or nut breads, you can do that, too.

Be sure to check out all of our listings of great bread making machines.  I am sure you will find a great bread maker for your home.

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4 Comments on “Welbilt Bread Machine ABM-6000”

  1. Lena

    I love this machine, makes the job easier:)

  2. Mrs. Lackey

    I am looking for the recipe and instruction manual for myself. My mother in law bought it and a yard sale. I have the first 15 pages but cannot find the whole manual anywhere online. So if you could send it to me I will be very ecstatic and truly grateful.

  3. Kirk

    I bought my Welbilt ABM6000 at a GoodWill Store for $5.00. It was in great shape and the Recipes & Instruction Manual was included. The original owner took very good care of the machine and even dog eared a few of the recipes and even indicated which ones were her best! What a great deal…It makes great tasting bread.

  4. Tonia

    This may not the most expensive machine on the market but for the price it gets the job done with very little hassle. I am gladI go this one instead of spending a lot of money on one of those more pricey models

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