Whole Wheat Bread

Posted on September 27th, 2010 by Bread making machines in Bread Making Resources

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Whole wheat bread is the name given to bread that is made from whole wheat grain flour.  During the refinement process that creates white rice or white bread flour several important vitamins and nutrients are removed. Whole grain foods contain the complete grain kernel and while they may have a rougher texture and a shorter shelf-life, whole grain foods have an increased nutritional value.

The Difference Between Whole Grains And Refined Grains

Grains can be understood/listed into two different grain type categories: refined grains and whole grains. As already mentioned, the refining process of grains can increase their shelf life and give them a softer texture (consider the difference between white bread and whole wheat bread for an example);however it also removes vital vitamins and nutrients like iron, folic acid, fiber, and important B vitamins.

Examples Of Whole Grains                           Examples Of Refined Grains  Whole Wheat Bread - Kneaded
Brown Rice                                                    White Rice
Oatmeal                                                        White Bread
Popcorn                                                        Corn & Flour Tortillas
Whole Wheat Cereals                                   Crackers
Whole Wheat Pastas                                     Pastas
Quinoa                                                                                     Creative Commons License photo credit: grongar

Whole Grains And Health

Refined grains should, in general, be avoided if you are trying to lose weight.  They are not only lower in the vital vitamins and nutrients that your body needs but they also don’t provide the same sense of fullness that whole grains do. This can cause increased hunger between meals, which can also lead to unnecessary and unhealthy snacking.

There have been a number of studies highlighting the additional health benefits of eating whole grain wheat products.  The additional health benefits include; a decrease in the risk of cardiovascular disease as well as a decrease in gastrointestinal cancers.

Additional whole grain wheat product health benefits include:
- A reduction in the “bad” cholesterol while also increasing the “good” cholesterol.
- An alleviation of constipation which in turn promotes an increase in colonic health.
- A regulation in blood sugar, which can help to stave off the onset of type two diabetes as the fiber in whole grain wheat products works towards slowing the carbohydrate digestion.

Too Much Of A Good Thing

It is important to note that for those of us watching our daily caloric intake, we must still carefully monitor our intake/servings of whole wheat bread - products.  Although whole wheat bread is better for us, it is still possible to take in more calories that your body needs (yes, even if the food is healthy, nutritious, and delicious)!
Carefully monitor your intake of whole wheat products, including breads and pastas, but avoid cutting them out of your diet entirely. Not only will you be missing out on the key vitamins and nutrients that whole wheat products can offer you, but you will be lacking in the vital dietary fibers that can lead to an increased sense of fullness.

A Matter Of Fiber –Whole Wheat Bread

While many manufacturers claims to have enriched their refined bread products it is important to note that not all of the lacking vitamins and nutrients will have been added back into the wheat.  Fiber is rarely, if ever, added back into enriched grain products so this means that you will need to find other sources of fiber.

Keep your overall diet plan healthy by including lots of fruit and vegetables; drinking lots of water during the day and ensuring that you have incorporated healthy whole wheat bread into your diet!

To further ensure that your whole grain breads are as healthy as can be, consider baking your own!  You can start preparing your own whole wheat bread every week with your own bread making machines.  Bread making machines are affordable, dependable products that can help you control the quality of the food prepared for your family’s consumption.

Let’s pull out your bread making machines and bake something tasty tonight!

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