Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme Bread Maker BB-CEC20

Posted on October 31st, 2010 by Bread making machines in Bread Maker Reviews

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Baking one’s own bread is more than just a kitchen routine.  There is a certain type of fanaticism involved, and quality, variety and freshness are constant concerns.  With those things in mind, the Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme Bread Maker offers true bread-making enthusiasts a very popular option.

The Zojirushi bread making machines do have a few drawbacks.  The loaf size is geared towards purists, and users Zojirushi Home Bakery Supremecannot divert from the standard.  Also, the instructional video comes in the defunct VHS tape format.  Finally, it is one of the most expensive bread makers on the market. But despite those few minor drawbacks, it remains one of the most popular on the market, and it certainly has a lot going for it.

What It Does
Of course, it makes great bread. But equally importantly for many is that the loaves it produces are conventionally shaped, like the bread available in stores. Most other bread bakers cannot accommodate this size, instead offering unusually shaped square loaves. Having a standard-size loaf may sound like a small issue, but for a true bread baking enthusiast, it can become a major one when bread does not fit in the toaster, sandwiches do not fit into sandwich bags and pieces of bread are just plain uncomfortable to hold.

Among the features that more than justify this machine’s price tag are:

  • A powerful motor that kneads even the stiffest of dough with ease
  • A very quiet operation, despite the high-powered motor
  • Two kneading blades to ensure that the mixing is complete and even
  • A preheat function to bring ingredients to the correct temperature before mixing or kneading
  • Easy programmability to allow for personalized proofing, kneading and baking programs
  • A “quick dough” cycle that produces dough in 45 minutes
  • A “quick bake”option that makes bread in 2 hours – perfect for when additional bread is suddenly needed
  • A signal that indicates when dried fruits, nuts or other ingredients need to be added
  • A 13 hour programmable timer

The Zojirush is also a very versatile machine.  Bread bakers who want to experiment will be pleased to know that they can use their machine to bake meatloaf, lasagna, cakes, and even jam.

What It Offers You
The Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme Bread Baker delivers a complete set of features, ease of use and the supreme advantage of a standard-size loaf.  The quality of the bread that can be produced with the machine is the ultimate deciding factor, and the Zojirushi is a winner on that front.  If you are looking for a high-quality, reliable bread maker that gives you fresh bread in the size and shape you are used to, and which consistently produces bread of the highest quality, this is the one for you.

You’re also not limited to preconfigured recipes.  Creative cooks will want to experiment, and you can program your own recipes into the machine.  The Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme Bread Maker not only makes sure that your family gets perfect fresh bread every day, its other functions and cooking roles make it a great all round piece of kitchen equipment.

There are plenty of great bread making machines here.  Make sure that you check out all of our listings of bread making machines.  I am sure that you will find a model that suits your needs.

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14 Comments on “Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme Bread Maker BB-CEC20”

  1. Alice Peters


    With the Zojirushi you kinda have to experiment with the blades a little. The manual isn’t very helpful on this topic. I have found that my Zojirushi works best when both paddles are set in the same direction when starting out. Either you align them both north/south or both east/west. It doesn’t really matter which just make sure that both blades are facing the same way. Give this a try.


  2. Nancy Predaris

    I love this machine but was glad to see about the different shapes on some of the breads, could you tell me how to align the blades up so that it is distributed evenly, this is my second machine and I thought that something was wrong with it because of the odd shaped loaves, am kind of upset with myself because I gave it away and waited a few years and bought myself one this year for a Christmas gift to myself. Wish I had known this, would have saved myself some money. So would appreciate your help with the position of the two blades.

    Nancy Predaris

  3. Kevin J

    I just love this bread machine. It is so easy to use. It seems to prepare perfect bread all the time. I also love the size of the bread. Some bread machines produce weird shaped loaves. Not this one. Oh also, before I forget…One of its better features..the timer!.. Set the timer and when you wake up the next morning you have a fresh warm bread. You can even set it to bake a loaf so you have fresh bread for dinner. Awesome machine. Very quiet and well built. I highly recommend.

  4. Gianna

    Hi Diane,

    it is kinda hard to say. It sounds like you are doing everything right. My Co-worker and I both have the Zo and it bakes great. Bread that is not rising properly can be the result of any number of things. For example, it could be that there is not enough sugar, not enough yeast, or your yeast is old, using all purpose flour instead of bread flour, or sometimes the bread pan is just too large for the recipe size. Sometimes it can simply be that the ingredients were placed in the pan in the wrong order. If it is none of these things it is probably the machine. I have not had any issues with mine but that is not to say that there cant be a bad batch out there every now and then.

  5. Diane

    I have a ZO and can’t get my bread to rise. I have been baking bread for 15 years, first with a Sanyo which quit on me after 10 years, and then a Cuisinart which I had nothing but trouble with. But it made great bread. After such great reviews I bought a ZO but have not had good luck. Thought it might be my recipes so tried theirs but still can’t get my usual great loaf. I use fresh flour, fresh yeast. Does anybody have any suggestions? I’m running out of patience!

  6. Kattie K

    This is really an excellent bread making machine. It is loaded with a lot of great features. Some I didnt even know existed. It bakes all kinds of breads, cakes etc. It also had quite a few preprogramed options. It has three programs which can be set based on your own preferences when making bread. The feature that I really find uselful is the the delay timer ( up to 13 hours ), love it!!! Costruction and quality top notched. Love this machine. I highly recommend this bread makier.

  7. Patrick

    Commercially baked bread has a ton of unwanted ingredients.
    My new bread maker machine allows me to create tasty bread products with ingredients you want in your food. I created 2 lb loaves with out hassle. This machine comes with a dough option that lets you finish in your oven. I thought that was great.
    The recipes provided, they work well for beginners. Making Pizza dough with this bread maker is good also. .
    The best part of all is how simple cleanup is. Only three parts to clean, the baking pan and two paddles.
    The machine is a little pricey, but worth it. You wont regret it.

  8. Mary Ann D.

    Used this bread maker two times, absolutely love it. The bread we made was awesome. We made the Honey Wheat Bread and Wheat Bread. The DVD video is ok but the voice is in monotone…

    Regardless, the breads came out warm and soft. Planning to make bread everyday.

    Overall, we love this bread machine.

  9. Alice Konac

    This is a great machine. I just used it today. My bread turned out great. My family was so impressed. I go through a ton of bread with all of our company. This bread machine is also very easy to use. If you are looking for a great bread maker, this one is very good.

  10. Dorrette

    Hi Ace,

    I use my Zo bread machine for both 2lb loaves and smaller. It is designed for an overall capacity of 2lb loaves. To get the smaller size loaves I simplify modify my recipes accordingly. I have never had a problem. This is a great bread maker. Hope this helps.


  11. Ace

    Question: How does this do with baking smaller loaves? Only good for full 2 lb loaves or can be used for smaller 1.5/1 lb size.

  12. Pamela T.

    After exhausting research on bread making machines I decided on the the Zojirushi Home Bakery Bread Maker – BB-CEC20. When I say exhausting research I mean exhausting. My problem was, I didn’t mind paying top dollar for a good product as long as I got my monies worth for it.

    I found tons of positive reviews on this product, this is what swayed me to spend the extra money. Yes, on a bread maker. Let me tell you. I have no regrets though. This bread machine is like a work horse. I bake three or four loaves a week. Sometimes five. I am extremely please with my purchase. The great thing about owning a bread machine is that I don’t have to buy store bought bread anymore. I dont have to worry about the chemicals in the bread that I feed my family. This bread maker comes with a bunch of recipes but I dont bother. I bought a cookbook. Every week I try a different bread. At our home we have a bread of the week. The kids love it. I try to stay close to the whole wheat type breads. The only advice that I would give with owing a bread making machine, measure accurately and use only fresh ingredients. I keep my gluten and yeast in the fridge, flours in the freezer. Hope you try this bread machine. It truly is worth the cash.

  13. Dana B

    This bread machine is the best. I use it to make vegan whole wheat bread. I use my own recipes. The custom program on this bread maker works perfectly. One great feature for me is the fact that I can use this machine’s custom program capability to extend the knead and rise times. I was so excited about this because now I can get my bread to rise properly without having to use any white flour (or eggs, milk or butter). Figuring out how to get vegan whole wheat bread to rise properly is not a simple task. This alone is a testament to how good this machine is.

    The only drawback is that the bread is sometimes a little lopsided with one side (usually the right) higher than the left. Not really bad, just noticeable. I think that this is the result of dual paddles. You have to experiment with the paddle aligning a little to find the position of the paddles which eliminates this.

    Overall great bread making machine.

  14. Peter Mason

    Why would anyone spend $200 for this bread making machine?

    Boy did I find out, because it’s absolutely worth it!

    This is my 3rd bread maker. My first one quit on me years previously. Consequently I thought to myself, I now had permission to purchase the top-of-the-line bread making machine, even though my current one still worked.

    As you can imagine, that was before I learned that “top of the line” meant this $200 critter! But, based on the outstanding reviews I found, I decided to take the plunge

    As soon as I got this baby home the test was on. I made my first loaf with the recipe I used most often in my other bread maker.


    My finished loaf/product clearly showed how amazingly designed this machine was. Every feature–from the preheating, to the two blades, to the true loaf-shaped pan, –it all came together to produce a loaf of bread that was in a totally different class in terms of quality from the one my previous bread maker produced. It was really great and my family was delighted.

    I’ve had this bread making machine for over four months and the results have almost always been wonderful. It is simple to use and effortless to clean and as a result we have a tendency to use it far more frequently than any bread machine we’ve owned before it.

    I haven’t tried to produce anything other than loaves of bread and almost certainly won’t, with the possible exception of pizza dough. I will leave that to the bread machine experts.

    Thus, what I can offer you is this perspective. If all of the extra things you can do on this machine are meaningful to you, then great, but you will not need them to justify the expense. In my opinion, the fundamental core function of this bread making machine–making a loaf of bread–is in a class by itself.

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